AR Social Network

AR Social Network

AR City Tour - discover your city

Wander around your city and watch the amazing AR citizens.

GEO AR messages – location does matter!

Create location based AR messages and
send your friends to view them at the
original location they were created.

AR Editor – full 3D Augmented Reality messages

Create unique AR messages including 3D animated characters, photos, videos and text. Your friends will view your AR messages in full 3D wherever they are.

AR Videos – welcome to the future!

The live video editor with eye-popping effects transforms your videos into something truly spectacular. Attach stickers with recordings, and let Snaappy do the talking!

Make photos more vivid, cooler, more creative

Create and share a short clip out of every photo with 3D AR characters.

Expressive 3D Characters - communicating without words

Snaappy’s unique 3D animated characters will help express any feeling, thought or emotion without the need to type long messages.

See text messages as they are typed

See what your friends type - letter by letter - before their messages are sent. You see it all in real time!

Tell the world about yourself

Show your friends your inner self through your personal profile with photos and emotions.

Always be connected

Deliver your emotions at any time whenever you feel like it.

Expressive 3D Snaappy Characters - enhance all of your daily emotions!

Character Gallery